2010L Lab: Integrated Principles of Biology Laboratory 1
   This lab is the first semester of a two semester sequence in introductory biology. The course is designed to accompany BSC 2010. The lab introduces a variety of basic laboratory techniques and equipment. Experimental exercises elucidate physiological processes at the cellular level, including aspects of enzyme kinetics, glycolysis, and photosynthesis. Students study the pattern of inheritance of genetic traits through three generations of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. Modern biotechnological techniques, including cloning of plasmids by the bacterium E. coli, agarose gel electrophoresis, and amplification of human genes by polymerase chain reaction are performed. Form and function are investigated on levels from the cell to whole organisms. Several detailed dissections are performed, including those of the earthworm and crayfish. The course offers an introduction to the diversity of life on earth from bacteria and protists, to animals and plants with a rich presentation of specimens, models and microscopic slide material. Scientific writing and the proper presentation of biological data are also emphasized.
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General Lab Policies
Videos of Lab Techniques
Video: Using a Spectrophotometer
Using a Spectrophotometer
Video: Earthworm Dissection
Earthworm Dissection
Video: Crayfish Dissection
Crayfish Dissection