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2011L Lab: Integrated Principles of Biology Laboratory 2
   This is the second semester of a two semester introductory biology course for majors, designed to accompany BSC 2011. The lab provides hands-on experience and interactive exercises in genetics, ecology and evolution. Form and function are investigated in whole organisms. Several detailed dissections are performed, including those of the fetal pig, and monocot and dicot flowers. Ecological concepts are elucidated through laboratory exercises, interactive computer programs, and field studies. Students investigate the distribution of individuals within populations, patterns of population growth and demography, species interactions and species richness within ecological communities. Ecological concepts are reviewed while observing the devastating ecological consequences of invasive species on native ecosystems. Evolutionary processes are discussed in association with study of adaptation in plants and animals. Scientific writing and the statistical analysis of biological data are also emphasized.
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Video: Earthworm Dissection
Fetal Pig Dissection